This is the website of PIB-d Ltd.

More importantly, it’s also the home – for the time being – of UCD-E, a digital infrastructure proposal to give Users online Control of trustworthy personal Data, starting (probably) in Education.

UCD-E will be public infrastructure:

  • offering multiple applications, to benefit individuals and organizations alike,
  • based on a secure, privacy-enhancing and distributed design,
  • with many stakeholders,
  • business / funding models that are both viable and equitable,
  • and governance in the public interest.

UCDE-E can only be built if there is appropriate collaboration between the public and private sectors. This depends, in turn, on first creating consensus about the need and the potential.

And so please do browse this website, and read the whitepapers, to find out more. Also you are invited to contact PIB-d to discuss.

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