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PIB-d was formed in Sep 2011 with a remit, initially, to conduct a feasibility study for a pilot of the PDE concept, likely to be hosted by the University of Hertfordshire. The company's investors are:

  • Jisc ( As a leading provider of digital solutions for UK education and research, Jisc is one of several investors in PIB-d Ltd, a company seeking to create a Personal Data Ecosystem (PDE), in which a portable personal education record will be the first of many applications. In Jisc's view, PDE is one of a number of possible future models for personal data management. As part of its strategy in the broader field of Access and Identity Management (AIM), Jisc monitors and engages with developments such as PDE, in order to address the evolving needs of education and research.

  • The University of Hertfordshire( is a leader amongst the UK’s new universities. It has a thriving research faculty, serves over 24,500 students including more than 2,000 from overseas, was awarded the Times Higher Education ‘Entrepreneurial University of the Year’ award in 2010, and is keen to host PDE pilots..

  • Edentity Ltd was founded by John Harrison and Andy Read, and subsequently led work in the emerging field of user-centric identity management, culminating in the 2008 ‘Work Group on User-Centric Identity (and Personal Information) Management’ as sponsored by the Information Commissioners’ Office and the Technology Strategy Board. The company holds two UK patents of relevance to the field, but is now dormant, having licensed all its IPR royalty-free to PIB-d Ltd. Copies of the ICO / TSB paper, and others, can be downloaded, from PIB-d’s website.

PIB-d acknowledges the funding provided by the Technology Strategy Board as a grant towards the costs of the company's initial feasibility study.